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We celebrate thinking outside the box, but why is there a box in the first place? That box hinders your natural ability to live the blissful life of your dreams. In Find Your Bliss, bestselling and award-winning author J.P. Hansen draws from his successful life-coaching business to provide insight that empowers you to recognize your limitations, then break free of them.

Many of us struggle to find meaning in life, yet resist the changes that might help us discover it. Find Your Bliss will help you identify barriers to happiness, then provide proven techniques to recognize and overcome resistance. In addition to real-life examples, it uses the author's Six Spokes of Bliss and Ten Steps to Break Free.

Find Your Bliss is not only inspiring; it offers practical advice on transforming your struggles in life into everyday bliss. Meaningful happiness is your birthright; this book will help you rediscover yours.



Four out of five people are unhappy in their current jobs (and that unhappiness spills over into their personal lives). One secret to living the life you dream about, according to author and Life Coach J.P. Hansen, is to pursue the activities that put you in the zone where time stands still. In The Bliss List, he guides readers through an odyssey of mystical concepts to attract bliss into their lives by changing their attitudes and their minds. He provides insight and inspiration for readers to find work that truly brings them bliss (and whatever else they desire, including money).At the same time, and on a practical level, he takes readers inside the world of executive recruitment and shows how a powerful résumé opens the right doors to the right job. He shows résumé make overs for success and even gives a template for readers to fill in. Hansen asks and answers the tough interview questions. Follow JP on his Bliss List blog for up-to-date career advice at

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