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J.P. Hansen is a popular TV and radio guest, sharing his knowledge of the job market and his experiences gained from nearly two decades of executive recruiting.

J.P. has been interviewed as a "career expert" on top-rated shows in Atlanta, San Francisco, Charlotte, Sacramento, Richmond VA, Columbus OH, Youngstown OH, on Johnny Rabbitt's St. Louis based show sent to 44 states, Canada, Mexico, and parts of the Caribbean, and on The Richard Stevens Show-nationally syndicated to 100 stations.

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J.P. Hansen in the Media

J.P. on ABC Charleston

J.P. on Dresser After Dark

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WBT Charlotte, NC, Don Russell

(J.P. appears at the 30:00-35:20 mark)

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WRVA -Richmond, VA, with Jimmy Barrett

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WTVN - Columbus, Ohio, with Bob Conners

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J.P. on DaytimeTV July 15 2010


J.P. on Morning Blend Omaha


J. P. on WCIV Low country Live TV


Six Job Hunting Myths Debunked
- Fox Business


Career makeovers: jazzing up a resume to break into an industry
- AOL Daily Finance


Employers' wacky interview questions
- and


How to Handle Sticky Interview Situations

Interview in How to Solve Anything with Dr. Mark

- LA Times


Internships are Important, But How Do you Land One?

- Fox Business


Your Internship is Coming to an End, Now What?
- Fox Business

See J.P. Hansen on Fox News
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